As one of the leading companies of the Turkish real estate sector, Çalık Gayrimenkul has a total asset value of $800 millions and a real estate portfolio of $1.5 billions. Çalık Gayrimenkul develops projects for the most popular locations at the heart of Istanbul and focuses specifically on renovation projects and alternate real estate investment sites.
In line with Çalık Holding's growing real estate portfolio and projects in the construction sector, Çalık Gayrimenkul ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded in 2007 as a “Real Estate Investment Trust” under the umbrella of Çalık Holding and started to conduct business activities in 2010. Çalık Gayrimenkul, as a land development, investment and marketing company, develops renovation, office, housing and trade projects. Developing projects with an innovative approach, Çalık Gayrimenkul differs from the other companies in the sector thanks to its groundbreaking solutions. Developing projects for the most popular locations at the heart of Istanbul, Çalık Gayrimenkul makes a considerable difference in the sector with the urban projects contracted in historic areas. The Company ensures that the management of the development, investment and marketing processes of its local real estate projects is environmentally friendly, in harmony with the urban texture, and sustainable.
Being one of the highly reputable contracting companies of the world, Gap İnşaat was founded in 1996. Headquartered in Istanbul, Gap İnşaat’s construction sites have been building projects in 3 continents. Gap İnşaat builds the future now thanks to a professional executive team, expert employees, capability of delivering turnkey projects both inside and outside the country, and the projects it has realized successfully.
As a prestigious contracting company preferred in infrastructure, substructure, housing and industrial plant projects, Gap İnşaat is a leading, innovative, and environment-friendly solution partner, which has adopted the principle of making maximum use of modern technology. Gap İnşaat, which has made a name for itself especially with the projects it has completed in compelling geographies, successfully realizes all kinds of projects without sacrificing time and quality. Gap İnşaat proves the importance it attaches to the environment in realizing its projects that contain eco-friendly elements. Prioritizing occupational health and safety, Gap İnşaat has the success of zero accident for 20 million man/hours. As a global company, Gap İnşaat has been listed as one of the biggest and most prestigious contracting companies of the world by ENR consecutively since 2006 with the projects it has realized in 3 continents, not only in Turkey but also in Turkmenistan, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Putting the projects it undertakes inside and outside the country into life successfully, Gap İnşaat is a source of pride for Turkey in the construction industry.