One of Turkey's leading real estate developers, Çalık Real Estate has total assets of US$ 800 million and a real estate portfolio valued at US$ 1.8 billion. Founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Çalık Holding, Çalık Real Estate and Trade Incorporated began operations in 2010.
A property development, investment and marketing company, Çalık Real Estate develops renewal, residential and commercial projects. Developing projects in the most sought-after locations in the heart of Istanbul, Çalık Real Estate distinguishes itself from other developers by focusing on urban renewal projects, particularly in historic areas. The company manages the development, investment and marketing phases of its Turkish real estate projects guided by the principles of environmental responsibility and respect for the environment, harmony with the urban fabric and sustainability.
Gap Construction, one of the world's largest contracting companies, was founded in 1996. Headquartered in Istanbul, Gap Construction is building projects on three continents simultaneously. With its professional management team, a staff who are experts in their fields, the ability to deliver turn-key projects in Turkey and around the world, as well as a track record of successful projects, Gap Construction is building the future, today.
A respected contractor specializing in infrastructure, superstructure, residential projects and industrial facilities, Gap Construction is an innovative solutions partner that is respectful of nature and the environment and committed to generating maximum benefit from the latest technologies. Gap Construction successfully delivers projects of all types on specification and on time and has made a particular name for itself with the projects it has completed in challenging geographies. Gap Construction demonstrates its commitment to the environment both in the way it operates and in the environmentally friendly elements incorporated into its projects. Gap Construction puts worker health and job safety before everything else and has an impressive record of 20 million accident-free man-hours worked. As a world-class contractor, Gap Construction has placed in the ENR rankings of the world's largest contractors, the world's largest and most prestigious list of contracting companies, every year since 2006, reflecting the size and importance of the projects it has delivered on three continents in countries including Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Successfully delivering the projects it undertakes in Turkey and internationally, Gap Construction is a role model for other companies in the Turkish construction industry.


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